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yCreatures Add-on V2.0.0

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We are confident to introduce you yCreatures add-on is the second-largest animal addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition after Expansion Plus. It is a perfect add-on and will bring more exciting experiences to your Minecraft world.

This animal add-on will add 100 new animals to your game, some cute, some unfriendly, but all will be great and interesting. Each animal will have a different animation, behavior, models, and textures.

You may also consider installing the yCreaturesPlus version. It is a bit more complete version, works better on win 10, Xbox. It is a heavier version with many enhancements such as grass, seaweed, large and complex biomes. If your game is not running properly or your phone is not strong, we recommend you to install yCreatures only.

Creator: yBrothers
Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

Attention! If you record some videos while using this addon, you must leave the download link from our website, MCPEBOX.

Models made by:

  • @GabrielCas29007
  • @Gabriel020725

Explore, and have fun with this amazing add-on!!

Check out changelog to see all the changes from yCreatures v2.0.1 !!

About yCreatures!

yCreatures has more than 100 new animals found all in their due biomes throughout the game.

Some animals you can tame, make them follow, make them sit down, and they protect you!

Meet some animals shown below!

V2.0.1 Screenshots:

Now you can ride on an elephant, a camel, and ostriches using a saddle.

Several animal babies added!

Some animals may interact with each other.

Various animations added to some animals!

Hummingbirds collect sweet nectar and are always traveling to look for beautiful flowers. You can feed them with a variety of flowers and they will breed babies!

Cockatoos is a beautiful and friendly animal. Use pumpkin seeds to tame them, then they will follow you.

Chimpanzees are playful, neutral, and live in the jungle biome!

This animal looks like a fox, but not, it is a wolf. You can tame it with raw rabbit meat, and it will follow and protect you.

Owls are a great species of rat hunt at night in the Taiga biome. Use raw rabbit meat to tame it, it will follow you

Manatee! Docile and playful, they are easily found in the jungle rivers with their groups! Offer them seagrass to tame them!

Octopus! A doubtful creature that lives by the great seas, are super sticky on some mobs with their tentacles, and have amazing movement!

Piranhas !! Great water scavengers! Will eat whatever they find ahead. They live by the great rivers of the swamp!

Here are the new bears! You can tame it with honeycomb or salmon! Do it before he attacks you! They are passive for a short time!

Orangutans have had their texture updated! How beautiful they are … And so colorful!



In the image below, we see a gavial Crocodylus, the first of three other alligator species in the addon !!

We can also see the alligator turtle !! this fierce predator of fish in the swamp!

Here are two examples of antelopes!

Bongos and Oryxes are beautiful savanna animals, and also found in the African jungle if you choose to install yCreaturesPlus!

Wow!! Bison, these huge oxen are found by Taiga Nevada and Tundra!

Sometimes they are not as friendly as they seem, always be careful !!

Chameleons are so cute !! You can find them everywhere, and they can also change color!

Camels … Capybaras, are very different, even in such size and behavior! Capybaras can be found by the rivers of your world.

Camels roam together in the desert with their great herd!

Deer !! The couple always walk together through the great forests and woods, you can find them with their little puppies too

Emu, This great bird is everywhere, you can find them across the plains ….

Koalas !! They are beautiful creatures found in the eucalyptus forests! You can offer them bamboos and have them as a domesticated animal!

There is also a variant of Albino Koala!!

Dik-Dik, maybe you didn’t know these animals, but they are small mammals found in the forests, they are playful, and fast, approach carefully !!

Tigers !! The tiger is a resident of Taiga biome. Be careful when approaching them. Taming them with a steak, and you will be protected.

Penguins! This is just one of the other species in the addon, they have a very varied behavior.

Check out some more images of other animals present in the addon, you will be impressed with the variety!

How many animals in the same photo! Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeest and Jumping Gazelles !!

The lion king, and the lioness!

Great savannah animals!

Let’s check now some of the whale species present in the addon !!

Big, strong, and tame!

You can also sail the oceans, riding a whale!

Small animals such as meerkats, flippers, otters and playful monkeys can be seen in their respective biomes!

Create a jungle village to attract monkeys !!

Rhino, an animal found in savanna biomes, spends most of its time grazing, and you can tame them using wheat!

Some other animals such as snakes, kangaroos and lemurs are also present !!

These are some of yCreatures animals!

By downloading the add-on you will see much more, notice the amazing animations, behaviors and textures!

More creatures will be added soon !! News are coming!



Long list of edits and fixes
Optimization, everything fits into one version
1.14 Betas approved

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