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Wolves+ Add-on

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The Wolves+ Add-on adds more wolves to the overworld, nether, and End. One of them may have different special abilities.


This dog mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition adds a total of 10 new types of wolves to the game – with 7 of those spawning naturally in the world.

Wolf Types

Five of the new wolves spawn in the overworld in different biomes, one spawns in the Nether, and one spawns in the End.

Brown Wolf

The Brown Wolf spawns in Mountain Forests. They behave just like normal wolves do.

Black/Brown Wolf

The Black/Brown Wolf spawns in M Taigas. They behave just like normal wolves do.

White Wolf & Husky

The White Wolf spawns in snowy areas. Each time one spawns, it has a slight chance to have the Husky pattern. They behave just like normal wolves do.

Snow Wolf

The Snow Wolf also spawns in snowy areas and is distinguished by its gray/white coat. It’s closely related to the White Wolf and the Husky, but hunting Stray Skeletons out in the frozen landscape has given it a mutation that causes it to inflict slowness for five seconds to whoever it bites. A bit less common than the other wolves.

Blaze Wolf 

The Blaze Wolf spawns in Nether. On its body, there are several glowing points. It is immune to fire and lava. If it falls into water or rain, the flames on its tail will be extinguished.

End Wolf 

The End Wolf spawns in the End. Its eyes were glowing like Enderman’s, but there was no problem looking at them. When angry, it can quickly teleport. It tends to avoid water.

Easter Egg Skins

At the moment, there are a total of three different Easter egg skins! These don’t spawn naturally. Instead, you can use a nametag to get the skin for your wolf.

Painted Wolf 

The Painted Wolf is totally covered in different shades of its collar color. Aside from the splash of color, it behaves just like the usual wolf. To get it, use a nametag with the label “paintedpup.” 

ChocoSprinkle Wolf 

The ChocoSprinkle Wolf was lovingly created by one of my little cousins. This wolf will shake sprinkles instead of water when it dries off, but aside from that, it behaves just like the usual wolf. To get it, use a nametag with the label “chocosprinkle.” 


The RoboWolf was lovingly created by my little step-bro. This wolf glows brightly in the dark and behaves just like the usual wolf. It’s also water-proof! To get it, use a nametag with the label “e_robodog.” 

Easter Egg Skin Compatibility & Info

  • The Easter egg skins are only available for the new overworld wolves that don’t have special abilites – so that’s the White Wolf, Husky, Brown Wolf, and Black/Brown Wolf.
  • Wolves be renamed to anything that’s not an Easter egg name while an Easter egg skin is active and the skin will stay.
  • If you want to remove the Easter egg skin and return to what the wolf used to look like, use a nametag with the label “bathtime.”

The Full Cast

From left to right: Snow Wolf, Blaze Wolf, End Wolf, Wolf, White Wolf, Brown Wolf, Black/Brown Wolf, Husky, Painted Wolf, ChocoSprinkle Wolf, RoboWolf.


This addon also adds Wolf Treats, which are used to recover your wolf’s health. It can also be used for breeding if you want to raise a pack of wolves at the same time.

Strange Wolf Treat

If you add nether wart to the wolf treat recipe, you’ll end up making Strange Wolf Treats instead! The strange wolf treat is unstable (and smells funny), so it needs to be crafted with something else in order for a wolf to consider eating it. Here are the Strange Wolf Treat recipes available:

Maximizing Wolf Treat

A wolf will double in size, increased health, and attack power if you feed it to a Maximizing Wolf Treat. You can ride on these big wolves.

Minimizing Wolf Treat

When a wolf eats Minimizing Wolf Treat, it will shrink in size, enabling them to run much faster and fit under half-slabs. Besides, their attack power is reduced, although their health is still like a standard-sized wolf.

Equalizing Wolf Treat

To return a huge or mini wolf to normal size, give them an Equalizing Wolf Treat.

Phasing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Phasing Wolf Treat they will begin to teleport randomly for a while like an Enderman. To make them stop, tell them to sit. End wolves have control over their ability to teleport, so they won’t get this effect – instead, they’ll gain health.

Gelatinous Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Gelatinous Wolf Treat they’ll gain immunity to fall damage and will be able to jump much higher while being ridden.

Wolf Treat Aquatic

If a wolf eats Wolf Treat Aquatic, it will be able to swim underwater. Use the Dive command while they are underwater to make a wolf start the swim. Their swimming speed will increase after the first swimming lesson. However, keep in mind that Blaze Wolves and End Wolves do not like water, so they cannot use this method.

Other Features

The Wolves+ add-on has a few other features:

  • Wolves have smoother animations for certain actions
  • All wolves have color-able collars – except for the RoboDog skin.
  • If you hold a bone, you can tell your tamed wolves to roam without following you around. This doesn’t un-tame – it just allows them to have the option to wander around your house instead of just sitting in place all day. They’ll also still come to defend you if they’re close enough to notice a situation.
  • When they don’t have much else to do, tamed wolves may occasionally lay down and rest for a bit, or until something interesting happens.

One More Thing

This add-on contains a recipe for an item that will allow you to pet tamed wolves! It’s quite simple – just hold the “Pet the Dog” item, and you’ll be given an option to pet the tamed wolf you’re looking at. You should only need one, as they aren’t used up when you pet a tamed wolf. A wolf’s tail will wag if you pet them.

A Final Note – There’s a Lite Version

For convenience, there are two different versions of this add-on. The main version includes the features for vanilla wolves, effectively “replacing” them with an enhanced version. If you prefer not to have that happen for whatever reason, use the Lite version of the pack. Just note that none of the above will work at all for vanilla wolves in that case.


Note: You do NOT need to install anything (besides Minecraft) to use this add-on. If something comes up to try and get you to install some sort of security app or something like that, you can decline it. The only files you should get from these links are the Wolves+ .mcaddon files.

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