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Tiny Player Addon for Minecraft PE

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When it comes to playing this addon, it minimizes the size of the player as an ant. The unique feature of this addon is walking through passages that have been impossible before. However, a drawback of the Tiny Player Addon for Minecraft PE is its point of view. Strongly hope that it will be updated in the future Minecraft PE.

Founded by: RyFol

How does Tiny Player Addon work?

Although the players come with the smallest size in Minecraft, they still have the same physical strength.

Talking about the point of view, it is inappropriate for the size of the player, even in the first person and the third person. It is a common issue of most of addons, which requires the necessary changes in actual modding capabilities.

To have the best experience, you will need to use the third person view.

There is nothing more easily than building a house without much space.

Combine this addon with the Mini City Texture Pack for having fantastic moments.

How to set up Tiny Player Addon for Minecraft PE

Download Behavior .McPack
Activate the pack for enjoying the full game
You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.


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