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Spaceship Addon for Minecraft PE

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The way this addon works is similar to the War Plane and the Black Hawk. A new feature of the game is a spaceship, which brings the feeling of space travel. Moreover, as the replacement of the iron armor, a space suit is an important gear for your travel.

Founded by: JPlaysPE

How to Play Spaceship Addon

In this addon, a spaceship replaces the blaze in an effective way. By going to the Nether or making use of a blaze spawn egg, you can see a spaceship. A space suit replaces the iron armor, which plays an important role in supporting your space travel.

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  • Windows 10: After making a right click on the spaceship, you can ride it immediately
  • iOS / Android: After making a long press on the spaceship, you should press Ride button


It is hard to go to space. However, you can get the instructions from the Moonscape map.

To operate the spaceship, you need to throw eggs at it. Take more eggs to strengthen the spaceship’s life.

Keep a key in your hands to decide the spaceship’s direction.


YouTube video

How to Install Spaceship Addon

Download Behavior .McPack

Download Resource .McPack

Enable the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.


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