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Slendytubbies The Devil Among Us Add-on (1.8)

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For those who are playing a Minecraft game of 1.8 version, this addon is an ideal solution. It helps you enjoy other gorgeous features of the game.
Founded by: ArathNidoGamer

How to Play Slendytubbies The Devil Among Us Add-on

The total monsters in this game are 7, which often appear at night. Another way to spawn these monsters is collecting the spawn egg from the creative mode.

List of Monsters

• Knife Tubbie
• Devil Tubbie
• Reaper Tubbie
• Ikar Tubbie
• TinkyTank
• Shadely Tubbie
• Monsters


Avoid attacking the arcabots because they could attack you immediately.
Use an iron ingot to tame a wild arcabot.


How to Set Up Slendytubbies The Devil Among Us Add-on

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Use the packs for enjoying a world
• Design the world


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