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Portal Gun Addon/Command (Redstone)

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This game gives us a new look of portal guns. Two factors affecting the portal guns include a mod and high lag. However, it becomes simple thanks to the coordination between command blocks and an addon. This gun addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition will not disappoint you.

Founded by: Patreon, EyeLoseSleep_Gaming

How to Play Portal Gun Addon/Command (Redstone) Addon

• Your first task is taking the portal gun. Then, put the orange and blue portal buttons to your inventory
• Hold the button in your hand, and you can dye the portal gun
• As the replacement of the pig and the sheep, the portals have many features to attract you at the first time

Video Showcase

YouTube video

Another Gun Mod: GravityGun Mod (Android)

How to Set Up Portal Gun Addon/Command (Redstone) Addon

.McPack Resource
.McPack Behaviour


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