Thursday, June 6, 2024

New Mob: Xenomorph Alien

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Do you like watching the series Alien or Alien vs. Predator? If so, you should thoroughly enjoy this Minecraft Pocket Edition morph add-on. It adds the Alien Xenomorph consisting of 525 pieces, and 366 actively moving/animated parts!


Xenomorph is an entity that hunts players and will kill anything that stands in their way, such as the Iron Golem. They also kill every other living entity.

This entity deals massive amounts of damage. And without preparation, you will be destroyed by it after two to three melee attacks.

Xenomorphs can be found naturally spawning in any area whether day or night and; when defeated, has a 50 percent chance to drop either bones or shulker shells; or even both.

The Xenomorph’s most formidable opponent, besides a skilled player, is the Iron Golem. The Iron Golem has a way of beating the Xenomorph out of existence, so get yourself one of those!

YouTube video

All in all, the Xenomorph is just a really creepy; and very complex entity which might give little kids nightmares.


V0.0.4.1 – Added idle sounds
V0.0.4.2 – Now kills all living humanoids

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