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Fnaf Universe Addon(Eternal Package Final Update)No Voices

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Five Nights at Freddys (FNAF)is a famous horror game created by Scott Cawthon. In this game, you will spend the night in a creepy restaurant. In this restaurant, some dead children inside the animatronic suits wandering at night to come to your office.

You have to find a way to survive five long nights in this haunted pizza shop and discover the dark history of a man who killed 5 children named William Afton. See the top 5 FNAF mod for Minecraft PE here.


Here are some pictures of the addon and the animatronics!

These are mob currently in the addon. Remember that this is only a beta. My future updates will add tons of mobs and new features. If you like this addon, you will want to come back to this website more often, so you don’t miss the latest updates in the future.


To install it, click on the .mcaddon or the .mcpack files in the download area, when u click it, it will take u to a link, the link should be called “mediafire”, once i get there click download and the file should download, once you are done with that click on the file and import it to ur game and then the download proccess is complete!

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