Thursday, February 8, 2024

Five Nights At Freddy Addon

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This FNAF addon for MCPE adds to the 5 animatronics of the game FNAF adds to Freddy, Golden Freddy, Foxy, girl and bonnie all the animatronics will try to attack you

This addon is for FNAF fans can now play FNAF


This addon is for FNAF fans can now play FNAF, and it adds Freddy, girl, bonnie, foxy, and Golden Freddy. The animatronics are totally hostile now you can create your adventure maps with the addon of FNAF.


  • They are hostile to the player and the villagers
  • Health: 53
  • attack damage: 5
  • foxy is the fastest of all the animatronics
  • all animatronics have animations
  • has custom sounds
  • they do not replace any entity
  • when dying they drop pizza (this function is only available in Minecraft 1.12)
  • Freddy drops his microphone when he dies (this function is only available in Minecraft 1.12)

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