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Day of Dragons Add-on (Player Model) (1.14+ only)

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The Day of Dragons Add-on will turn you into a 4D Dragon model with interesting animations. It will be an exciting experience. Enjoy it.

WARNING: This Dragon add-on for Minecraft PE is texture pack but with skin pack to change your skin into true Dragon texture

Dragons have three skin layers (Night Fury, Aether Dragon, and Black Dragon).

Dragon 1 Night Fury from the HTTYD add-on (Created by Yasser Twitter @StarkTMA_YT]): it has a custom flying animation and custom walking animation with beautiful rotating animation.

Thanks for StarkTMA_YT to use has model from has add-on 

Dragon 2 The Aether Dragon from Mountains++: this Dragon it’s small but it’s have custom wings animation and flying and walking animation like the first one, this the only model have a saddle on has texture.

Dragon 3 Black Dragon from Dragon add-on (Created by zahf Gaming YouTube  channel zahf Gaming):this Dragon so epic! it’s have custom flying, walking and rotating animation and it’s so giant!

How to change your model and skin:first you need to active the texture pack then change him using this on the picture.

then change your player skin using the skin pack from the add-on, please make sure you using the right skin.

(Before all that please don’t use this texture pack on any servers because the other players looks so weird).

This add-on working only in 1.14+

And on the last Enjoy!

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To install the add-on just open the file to Minecraft.




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