Thursday, February 8, 2024

Combat Gears Addon

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We are happy to introduce you to the “Combat Gears Addon.” Thanks to this MCPE gun addon, new special fighting mechanisms will appear in Minecraft by changing some equipment. It includes new armors, swords, guns with really cool graphics textures.

These equipment are the perfect weapon for battle. It will help you kill powerful bosses or deadly mobs more quickly.

Created by: XENODROIDZ

How does it work?

After installing in Minecraft Bedrock, this mod will replace some equipment by more special and modern Combat Gears equipment. Just create a new world with creative mode, and you will find all new equipment in your inventory.

Combat Gears Addon for MCPE

This addon will give you new armors, new sword textures, and guns.

Combat Gears Addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition
Combat Gears Addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Your Minecraft will have 2 new armor types with this Combat Gears Addon. Normal Armor (chain, iron, and gold) and Power Armor (diamond).

Combat Gears Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Power Armor will give you extra health and attack damage. And Normal Armors doesn’t increase your physical strength.

The Bow and Crossbow are changed into powerful guns. This perfect for fighting deadly mobs.


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Download and Install Combat Gears Addon

  1. Download the addon and texture from the link below.
  2. Run the addon and download the resource package.
  3. By the previous action, you entered the files into MCPE.
  4. Launch Minecraft PE and install the open world.
  5. Choose imported addon.
  6. Restart the MCPE client, then go to the world where you installed the addon.
  7. Enjoy installed addon!




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