Saturday, June 8, 2024

Baby Ravager Addon

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Imagine what would happen if the Ravagers had siblings by their side, and they were much faster to be able to chase and bite you.

Don’t let their cute looks fool you. The baby mobs MCPE seems friendly but not. They will chase and find ways to defeat you.

Baby Ravager adds the baby version of Ravagers. 

They can spawn naturally in the world like a normal ravager, the differences are:

  • Baby Ravagers is ridable! Players can hop in quickly before it bites you!
  • Baby Ravagers is faster than Normal Ravager
  • It have half of lives of a Normal Ravager
  • They are not a fan of obeying orders, you can ride them but sometimes they don’t follow your direction
  • Cute and seems friendly but don’t be fooled! It’s also DANGEROUS!

You can spawn them by going to Creative Inventory and find the spawn egg “Spawn Baby Ravager

Or you can summon them by entering the command
/summon baby:ravager

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