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Autocompletion Addon for Minecraft PE

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Autocompletion Addon is an ideal recommendation for people who prefer the friendly chat user interface of Minecraft Pocket Edition. With 4 new buttons, this addon allows you to enjoy the great ease of typing both common sentences and commands. You can find these gorgeous features at the PC versions of Minecraft. Hope it will be ported to Pocket Edition soon in the future.

Founded by: RandomityGuy

How does Autocompletion Addon work?

This addon offers a full package of standard features, including autocomplete words, typed commands and other additional functions. Enjoy these new features by opening the text chat.

  • Shift + Tab Key (↑Tab): By using this button, you can find it easy to change different options. For instance, you can apply this button for switching between birch_fence_gate, birch_door, etc. Then, you are able to write birch.
  • Tab Key: The next option is tab key. This key is responsible for auto-finishing certain words or commands. For example, after typing MCPEBOX birch_f, you should press Tab Key and the process will be autocompleted.
  • Previous Key (^): Use this button to choose previous written commands.
  • Next Key (v): This button is essential in helping you fix the missed command when accidentally pressing previous key.

Common Issues

If you press any new button, there is a high chance of closing the keyboard window. Please share your ideas about solving these issues.

How to install Autocompletion Addon

Follow our steps to enjoy the whole game.

  1. Download the application Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Press Settings > Global Resources > Activate pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE

If you are interested in this game, please get a .ZIP file for this pack here.


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