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Arkcraft Add-on

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This add-on adds seven entities that will make your Minecraft playing experience better. Of these seven entities, three entities can be tamed, and two entities get simple materials very quickly, 2 get a few rarer materials.

Creators: Alex587 and Copperlord


This add-on adds entities which are:


This entity is too useful to obtain food, fuel and experience:

  • This entity can help you gain experience, food and fuel.
  • It won’t follow you when you have a favorite food in hand.
  • Created on the coast near the rivers

Dune pulmonoscorpius

This entity is very small but it is a great rabbit hunter:

  • Attacks only rabbits
  • They are generated in the deserts and can drop a slow thrown bottle of loot
  • Has 1 life.


This simple entity will help you get a little weird items:

  • Trilobite is generated in the oceans with corals
  • When it dies they release Prismarine crystal.

Ovis Aries

The next entity is a wool producer, but it has its disadvantages as if you get distracted it can give you a header that you can never forget:

  • This entity is similar to sheep but gives more wool.
  • There are two different types:
    • Ovis: no horns, attack and does 3 damage
    • Aries has horns and attack to deal 5 damage.
  • This entity can attack players and villagers.
  • Generated in the extreme mountains.


This entity can paralyze you with a simple blow but it likes to sleep with a good schedule its characteristics are the following:

  • Appear in caves of extreme hills and deserts.
  • They sleep at nighttime.
  • During the day they attack the player by poisoning them with a paralysing poison.
  • It can switch to sleepwalking when it receives damage.
  • It can drop a bottle of poison

Pulmonoscorpius tamed:

Once the pulmonoscorpius is tamed, you can create a saddle and use it to climb. It is difficult to control, but when you have a tip, you can use it to donate large entities like Daeodon because you can paralyse it, cohesion helps to control the entity better.

Daeodon Wild

This pig is worthy of being a great pet, since it is very powerful and tender:

  • Attack all other entities.
  • Very fast
  • It has 120 lives as an adult.
  • They are generated in the Mega taiga
  • Can tame with cakes.

Daeodon tamed:

When you tame Daeodon, you will have a formal seat and a lot of strength. They eat meat, carrots, cakes, pumpkin pie and yellow carrots.

Daeodon Alpha

You want mass of power that you can get, as we introduce you to this legendary:

You can tame this beast with a cake, but it’s not very friendly. It will attack you when seeing you. It is a true monster when possessed high speed. I recommend using cobwebs to slow it down and to tame it more easily.

It is generated like Daeodon but with a bit more difficulty. It has 230 life and a lot of damage. When it dies, it releases a lot of meat, leather and experience.

Daeodon Alpha tamed:

When you finally manage to tame it you can ride it and feel all its power and style.

Other crafters:

You can make a web-based backpack:

The cracking of the Axe changed, you can repair it with Redstone powder:

Redstone powder:

Grenade, consists of an already active TNT:

Ball of fire:

You can also craftear a dragon Ender, to do so you will need his egg



  • Hesperornis Spawn Arrangement
  • Text arrangement
  • Improvement in mobs sounds
  • Cover image change

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Download here


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