Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Animal Attack! Addon

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Do you always feel that animals like chicken, pig, sheep, cow, or rabbit in your Minecraft world are very gentle and easily bullied? Think of a world where a chicken or a cow could kill you. It is workable with our animal addon for Minecraft Bedrock.


This animal addon modifies many different animals and mobs, making them dangerous, powerful, and evil. Your life in the Minecraft world will become challenging.

Pigs and sheep have no textures changes, but they are stronger than their vanilla versions, and they will also try to kill you.

Cows and chickens are now bigger and bigger. They are much stronger than normal, but fortunately, they have a weakness that is water. You will have to find a way to get them into the water if you want to get rid of them.

Horses and rabbits are inherently lovely and gentle animals. However, with this add-on, they will become extremely cruel and dangerous. Worse, they have turned into FIRE horses and FIRE rabbits resembling Johnny in Ghost Rider.

 Wolves have become MASSIVE…

…But that means dogs have too! 

Wild ocelots have become tiny tigers that will try to eat you 

And if that is not enough, now there are even more terrible surprises!

The ordinary iron Golem has now become a massive giant. The good news is that it still kills monsters. But if it comes near you, you have no chance of survival.

The Snow Golem is now an Ender Demon! This boss may not shoot things but it’s massive, has high health, and has a powerful melee attack! 


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