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Win10Coaster map for Minecraft PE

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Introduction to the Win10Coaster map for Minecraft PE

Win10Coaster map for Minecraft Pe is a perfect roller coaster map. It was created by the professional teams Blockworks, which consists 40 talented builders, animators and artists from around the world. As a request from Mojang, the team made this map to celebrate one year anniversary of Minecraft: Window 10 Edition Beta. The map has received huge compliments from those who ever played. They also commented that this map has no lag. It is a huge plus point since it will ensure smoothing expereiences for players. And as you play this map, you will probably feel that this is a totally insane map.

Images from Win10Coaster map for Minecraft PE

Install Guide Windows 10:

  1. Use 7-Zip to extract the downloaded zip file to your desktop (or anywhere you can easily find it later on). It will include a folder called Windows 10 Anniversary. If you open that folder you should find a file called Win10Coaster.mcworld. Don’t do anything with it yet.
  2. Now, open Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, go to the worlds list and click the small arrow pointing down icon next to the Create New World button.
  3. Find Win10Coaster.mcworld and open it to import the world to Minecraft.


Download (Windows 10)

Download (Android, iOS)


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