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Who’s Your Daddy? | Minigame Map for MCPE

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Who’s Your Daddy? can be a lot of things. You come across this phrase all the time or sometime in your lifetime. But since most of you are kids, I can’t really tell you on what circumstances I generally say these things. But in this case, it is a popular video games that you see a lot of YouTubers playing these days. If you are new to it then the concept of the game sounds kind of stupid. There will be two players playing the game. A father and a baby. The father will try to keep his baby alive, which is normal, and the baby will try its best to die, which is normal. => more mini game maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition here.

All credit goes to Hunter233345.

How to play Who’s Your Daddy?

The PC only requires at least 1 player. However with this Minecraft minigame, you’ll need two.

  • The Baby: Try your best to die. That’s basically what babies do all the time.
  • The Daddy: Prevent your baby from dying.
who's your daddy

It is recommended that you choose a skin that matches your role to make the game more convincing. You can find loads of skins in our Skins section.

who's your daddy

The house in this map is built after the one from the original video game. Even some of the props were there just like the original game.

who's your daddy

There are bundles of items in this house that can be use for babies to kill themselves. Your ability to unintentionally commit suicide is only limited by your imagination. There are also poisons and liquids that the baby can drink to faster die. It’s the adult’s job to find out what can easily kill and dispose of them. Hitting the baby is obviously not advice because you don’t want to kill your own cub.

who's your daddy

Depending on your liking you can set your own time limit.

Rules of Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Play on Peaceful
  • Set time limit (5-15 minutes)
  • Don’t break blocks

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