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UKS City: Christmas Update [Creation] Map

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This crowded city is worth exploring in a flat world. Besides modern houses, it also has many impressive structures. Each end of the city has a farm, which includes a barn and many horses. You can find a huge source of iron golems here. Let’s discover this attractive MCPE city maps download now.

Founded by: Tpops2017

What is The Storyline of This Map?

UKS City is in the danger of being attacked by Thanos. Your task is joining the Avengers group to save the city. This group must find 6 infinity stones, including soul, time, mind, reality, power, and space. These stones are presented in different colors. For instance, Orange represents for soul, Green represents for time, Yellow represents for Mind, Purple represents for power, Red represents for reality, and Blue represents for Space.

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How to Set Up UKS City: Christmas Update [Creation] Map

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