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Tomb Crafter 5: Sphinx | Adventure Map

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Tomb Crafter 5 is finally here, and this time it is titled Sphinx. Yes. This time your adventure is taking place in Egypt, where you explore the ancient pyramids and of course, the great statue of the Sphinx. More MCPE adventure maps.

All credit goes to minecraftstyler777.

tomb crafter 5

Quick side note, if you do not know what Tomb Crafter is, it is an ongoing series of Adventure Maps. There previous version, Tomb Crafter 4: Illuminati, is an Adventure Map quite like this one, where you go out to find the illuminati’s magical armor.

tomb crafter 5

Tomb Crafter is created based on Tomb Raider, the video game franchise that has been around since 1996. The game’s main character is Lara Croft, a really really hot chick that the game usually ignores the fact that she is abnormally attractive. She travels all around the world and explore every corner possible and gather centuries-old treasures and add more fortunes to her absolutely massive Croft Manor.

tomb crafter 5

So that is basically the plot to all of these Tomb Crafter maps, accept the main character will be your own. But for the sake of the story line, it would be better if choose an attractive female skin for your character.

Tomb Crafter 5 Objective

As mention above, your main goal is the find all that treasures. These are ancient gold artifacts on three different locations inside the pyramids and the Sphinx. Your story line will be closely connected to the Sphinx and its secrets and legends.

tomb crafter 5

There is also a side quest, which is a new addition to the series. For this quest, you have to find 12 secret emeralds. With these 12 emeralds, you will have a series of codes which you can use to unlock a secret room. What is inside this room, I will leave it for you to discover.


YouTube video

Tomb Crafter 5 Rules

  • Play on max difficulty
  • Don’t break blocks

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