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The Unknown II (Horror) [Adventure]

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The Unknown Horror Map Series is a series that make from these themes: Hardcore Horror, Mixed with Thailand Culture… and long story… for this ss it’s about 30-40 minute… You lived in an old mansion with your pa. This map story is a bit dark and hard… 100% Guaranteed of scary things.

Unknown II is a horror maps for MCPE that takes place in an old and abandoned building. Alone, you will walk through the building, hoping to find a way out. This map takes about 30-40 minutes to complete, and it includes a dark story and some game mechanics to create a strange and frightening atmosphere. There are also custom sounds and textures to make it even more intimidating.


YouTube video

I hope this version will bring people back before I upload my next horror map.

Everything is almost finish just need more time and tester ^^/ 

Contact me: @Zuc16th (Twitter) if you wanna be a first person to try it!


Happy Halloween + Anniversary 2 Years The Unknown 2

  • Change all the story line (book)
  • Fixed up all the grammar (book)
  • Change JS timing
  • Happy Halloween!
    Available for mcpe ver. and above 


If mcworld not work, follow this…

  1. Copy Link (zip or mcworld)
  2. Open in another browser or new tab
  3. Download

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