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The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure]

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Today we will introduce you to a most popular adventure maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This map is called the Orphanage.

Because this is a ported version of that same map, textures and some map features are the same, but some other features have been redone and probably not as quality as on the Java version of the map. It includes some jumpscares, so be careful! There is a story about it, so be sure to read the conversation for that.

Creator: omerci (Original Java Map)
Ported by: danieldeak70


You are on the drive home. It was raining heavily with thunder sounds. Outside in the dark, you feel more hungry and sleepy. Suddenly your car is out of gas. With no other option, you get out of the car and start going down the road, looking for a gas station or someone to help you.

After a while, you go to a gate and beyond you can see there is a big building. The outdoors becomes colder, and there may be someone there who can shelter you for the night.

The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure]


  • Fixed one early jumpscare at library
  • Optimisedfor Minecraft BE 1.9.0

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