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Super Mega Dropper [Minigame]

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As the latest version of Minecraft PE dropper maps, Super Mega promises to bring amazing patterns to you. One impressive thing to consider is the double times of length in each building. Each level comes with a great challenge for you to overcome. Are you ready to explore this game?

Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam), alienszi

How to play?

Feel great to choose one of 4 options of levels:

  • Easy
  • Difficult
  • Old
  • Remastered

If you are a beginner, you should start the game from the easy level first. After pressing the button of each level, you can enjoy your game.

Your task is dropping down, escaping the obstacles and landing in the water. They are must steps to survive.

Besides, you could choose reversal dropper levels for more fun. They allow you to go down instead of going up and vice versa. All you need is using a levitation effect.

New Halloween update! Includes several new levels!

Trailer video

YouTube video


  • New Halloween Levels (with an amazing super prize!)

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