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Step by Step Tutorial [Redstone]

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Redstone step by step tutorial is a map that will guide you step by step to create Redstone. If you want to build a Redstone machine but don’t know where to start then this is the maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition redstone for you.

About this map

For those who will need a Redstone map which maybe not simply showing it without the tutorial onto it, then this is a great location for you personally. It features a tutorial to get every Redstone contraption and a Redstone contraption from probably the very used Redstone and out of me personally, of course. This map was constructed over the cloud and has been made as straightforward as you possibly can to avert an enormous multitude of map measurement.

Creator: PanduAshidiq



Added 5 new redstone contraption and bug fix

  • Added Super smelter
  • Added Vending machine
  • Added Waterfall splitter entrance
  • Added Drop down chandelier
  • Added “how to use” sign for the bubble column elevator
  • Fixed the missing blok on the realistic elevator last step
  • Fixed the missing button on the tree hidden entrance
  • Fixed the missing block on the tree hidden entrance
  • Fixed the missing repeater in the 3×3 compact door

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