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Space |PvP Map for Minecraft PE

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This map is consisted of a large PvP arena. There are several planets and stars surrounding the arena to create that whole space-ish look. Choose one of the classes such as Astronaut, Lord of Fire, or Darth Vader and then enter the arena to challenge other players. If you like any of the Star Wars movies or just interested in space in general then gather a few friends and give this pvp maps for minecraft pe a try.

All credit goes to jobetyk_10

Start by selecting one of the kits. There are eight different kits (or classes) to choose from and you can’t combine them. The classes include: Witch, Lord of Fire, Darth Vader, Astronaut, Alien, Lord Planet, Storm Trooper, and Galaxy Guard.


Once everyone have selected a class, it is time to enter the arena. Do a countdown from 10 and then begin the battle.

In the arena you will find several pressure plates. If you stand on top of them you will be given a certain potion effect from speed to jump boost.

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