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Smart House (Talking AI) [Creation]

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It is a house from the future, or you can only see it in fiction movies. The house is built on a wonderful custom terrain with surrounding forest landscape and caves. A beautiful modern style design, from exterior to the furniture, will make you enjoy.

But the most special thing is that in the house there is a supercomputer named HAL 9001. HAL 9001 is a smart computer, and it can talk, play music, and do many more surprises.

This is just one of many houses in our collection of modern house map for Mminecraft PE.

Creators: HankMMXVII (Interior Design and Redstone), DeeTB720 (Exterior Design)


Dominating the world is a simple task thanks to the combination between command and Redstone block, a secret basement and modern technologies.

Select a button to escape the enchantment table. Moreover, a brewing station comes with full blaze powder and awkward potions.

Feel confident to cycle easily with a large cycle system. There are other things to explore here such as elevators; an armor stand display and a working fountain.

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