Wednesday, February 7, 2024

School and Town [Creation]

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KamTheBamm created this maps for Minecraft PE school. After that, it took me about 50 hours to change and improve it.


  • Add / change: Schools and all other buildings (Add lights and fix some).
  • Add dormitories to the school.
  • Construction of an apartment building.
  • Move and completely renovate the market.
  • Build a parking lot and a library next to it.
  • Moving theatre and pink houses.
  • Repairing the theatre and building a new restaurant.

Before finally planting another bunch of trees and using / filling (replacing) to change the logs into oak (as well as many other things, I hope everyone likes my map!

Improved by: Rexor03
Creator: KamTheBamm


  • changed and added a road
  • Added a clinic
  • Changed buildings a bit
  • Remade park/nature walk
  • Remade other park/spawn
  • More trees and added tall grass

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