Thursday, June 6, 2024

Ruined City Map

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With Ruined City [Creation] Map you will wake up at a dilapidated city and ancient. A little so scary and a little ghostly, your mission is find and destroy all monster in this city maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition to return peace to the innocent civilians.

Perhaps an apocalypse of some sort happened which caused the habitants of the city to escape or maybe it was just once abandoned for whatever reason and has since then been long forgotten. If possible you can play this map in your PC to enjoy the best moments and cruelest. But you also can explore that moments in your phone, nothing is impossible. It’s most likely a port from the PC version of Minecraft as it’s existing in an old world type (meaning, it’s limited by 256×256 in size) and parts of the world don’t seem to belong to the actual city. This obviously makes it less playable but the creations in the map really was just too incredible for us not to write about it.

Author: hunterktan


Ruined City
Ruined City
Ruined City
Ruined City
Ruined City
Ruined City

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