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Rainbow Jumper Map for Minecraft PE

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Rainbow Jumper minigame brings out a unique and fun experience that players don’t want to miss. Moving from one side to another to avoid the wool blocks. Getting hit by one might be a good chance for you to start over. There still have some downsides evenwhen the concept is very interesting. For example, the actual map is really small and the difficulty remains the same no matter how far you get into the game.

Creator: EaterComputer, Twitter Account

How to play

Avoiding the wool blocks is the main objective in this game. They will be pushed up from the floor for every few seconds.

Moving to the other side of the room to avoid the wool blocks or your will get hit and have to start over. Looking for instructions how to reset the map in-game.


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  • Don’t play on peaceful
  • You are never allowed to jump


Download Rainbow Jumper Map for Minecraft PE



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