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Parkour Islands [Parkour] [Puzzle]

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Hello parkour lovers, we have good news for you guys. Parkour Islands map for MCPE is one of the largest parkour maps available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Forget the boredom of other maps. Here you will have many challenges waiting for you, and you will take a lot of time to overcome them.

In addition, future updates have been developed! We recommend downloading this Minecraft PE parkour maps and enjoy parkour on the island! Minecraft PE parkour maps

Creator: Examinedcat669

How to play Parkour Islands Map for Minecraft PE?

Parkour is a Minecraft minigame that is played by jumping from block to block. This is a very difficult map type. You should be prepared carefully to receive challenges from it.

Always have patience and never use cheating or modifying tricks to accomplish tasks. You should be prepared to die, but nevertheless, it still brings a lot of fun!

Some screenshots of this map you can see below.

Parkour Islands Parkour Minecraft PE Map MCPEBOX
Parkour Islands Parkour Minecraft PE Map

Available Levels

  • Tutorial
  • Level 1: Dirtland
  • Level 2: Stood
  • Level 3: Slime Mania
  • Level 4: Redstonia
  • Level 5: The End?
  • Level 6: Into The Nether
  • Level 7: Rainbow
  • Level 8: MADNESS
  • More coming soon!

Update Plan

  • v0.1.5: Level 9 (trials 1-5) plus additions, changes and tweaks. 
  • v0.1.6: Level 9 (trials 6-10) plus additions, changes and tweaks. 
  • v0.1.7: Level 10 plus additions, changes and tweaks to prepare for full release. 
  • v0.1.8: Final additions, changes, and tweaks to prepare full release. 
  • v0.1.9: This update will only be released if there is a bug or I need to change something that was not changed in v0.1.8.
  • v1.0: Full release!
  • These are not set in stone, and are all subject to change.


v0.1.4.2 (Christmas version):

  • Covered the map in snow.
  • Tweaked a few things.

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How to download Parkour Islands Map for Minecraft PE

Download (v0.1.4.2)


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