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Outlast: The Chase [Adventure] (Horror)

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Outlast: The Chase is based on a game of the same name created by RedBarrels. You will feel like you are in hell in Outlast.

In this adventure maps for MCPE, you wake up inside a cell with other victims. They also endured the horrifying horror of this place like you. Many different challenges are waiting for you to discover here, and scary monsters will try to kill you.

You will not be able to fight them, so the best way is to run and hide.

Note from creators: If you are a horror lover like me, you will like the thrill of this map and quizzes. Hope you all like this because I like to make it 🙂

This is the Multiplayer Update!

Creator: mikkeeeyyyy


  • Multiple possible endings
  • Extras when you beat the map with the good ending
  • New creepy models
  • Horrific sounds to make you scream
  • Some jump scares
  • Multiplayer Mode is now here!


  • Play at your own risk!


  • Updated the resource pack for the latest version of minecraft
  • Fix some errors in-game
  • Minor changes in some commands

Outlast:Aftermath will set to release sometime this year! Follow me on my twitter @mikkeeeyyyy29 to get updated.



  • Download the .zip file and extract it to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorld/[extract here]


  • Download the .mcworld file, click it and be redirected to the game automatically.

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Download .McWorld
Download .Zip


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