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One Night At Frankie’s : Multiplayer Edition [Minigame]

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If you have played One Night’s At Frankie’s Freeroam, you will be familiar with this Multiplayer Minecraft Pocket Edition minigame maps. Two teams of the game will attempt to kill each other. There are 4 animatronic options for you to choose from.

Founded by: CreeperGamerZXZ

How to play One Night At Frankie’s : Multiplayer Edition [Minigame]?

The number of players in this map should be 2. Feel confident to choose a night guard or an animatronic.

The players have different objectives depending on the role they selected.

  • Night Guard – Survive the night and hide from the animatronic
  • Animatronic – Hunt down and kill the night guard,

The game ends at 06:00 AM and if the night guard is still alive at this point then he is the winner.


  • Added Goldie
  • Changed all Animatronic Textures
  • Expanded the Map by a lot
  • new places to hide
  • You can no longer keep weapons when Restarting/Winning
  • Bug fixes
  • the Hand watch is slower
  • New and Improved audio (Doors, 6AM Jingle, Winning area music, etc.)

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