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Odyssey Factions [PvP]

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To celebrate the upcoming release of odyssey factions season 2, I present to you the world download of season 1.

Made by SEMagical/MagicCraft Network


This Factions World is 100% run on commands, you do not need to do anything or manually yourself to start just load the world up and have fun! This world is best played on a realm or via multiplayer with friends! => More pvp maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition here.

General Features:

  • Custom Command block shop
  • Custom Scoreboard Currency
  • Crate Keys
  • Fully Functioning Factions commands
  • Custom Warzone
  • Custom Modded items
  • Drop Party Room
  • Powerups
YouTube video


Added youtube video showing people who download map how to run it properly if anything breaks command wise.

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Download here


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