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Null The New Herobrine Adventure [Adventure] (Addon!) Map

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Have you ever heard Null? It refers to a dangerous creature that aims to destroy the world. In this game, you are called  Steve, who is a big hero of the Minecraft world. Therefore, your mission is killing Null and his teams. There are 4 battles for you to enjoy in this Minecraft Pocket Edition adventure maps free download. Let’s start the adventure now.

Founded by: TheEnderface

Types of Bosses

  • Wither Demon (1st): It can fly around effectively. When Wither Demon comes close to the targets, it will attack them.
  • Enderboss (2nd): This boss makes impressive by the fast speed. If he is angry, he needs the help from some Endermen by summoning them.
  • Wither Boss (3rd): It is dangerous as same as a default boss.
  • Null (4th and Final): This is a dangerous demon, who looks like human and is very powerful. It has 500 hearts in health and 20 attack damages.

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How to Install Null The New Herobrine Adventure [Adventure] (Addon!) Map

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP


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