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Music Maker (Command Block) [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

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If you are a music lover, you will actually fall in love with Music Maker (Command Block) [Redstone] Map. Composing an interesting piece of music is an unchallengeable task thanks to a big instrument. By adding some notes to your track, you could enjoy your unique music immediately. You can do many surprising creations with this map. Express your music skill in the following comments.

Founded by: TheRedEngineer

How does Music Maker (Command Block) [Redstone] Map work?

The green carpets play an important role as notes, whereas, the white and black board looks like a piano. A simple way to place new notes is inserting carpets to the board. As a result, it helps create your own music.

Then, your task is placing down a minecart on the rail track while enjoying your music. Everything will turn into the right direction and combine well with the output of music.

Video Preview

The creator of Music Maker (Command Block) [Redstone] Map is TheRedEngineer. Watch the following video.

YouTube video

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP


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