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Minecraft’s Basics in Education and Learning

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Welcome to Baldi’s MCPE school map. This map has many different classrooms, a library and a common playground, etc. You will wish you were a good student to be able to answer math questions correctly in this school.

Created By:

Original Characters and game by:
Mystman12 (Basically Games, LLC) All Rights Reserved.

Attention! This map works for multiplayer only (One being Baldi and the other is Player).



Last Update
Trailer Added!
We are now working on Minecraft’s Basics 2. More information on Our site.

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How do I install it?

  • Hit the button called “Minecraft’s Basics 1.3.1”
  • You will be taken to the MediaFire website.
  • Hit “Download”.
  • The file will start downloading, after that, press on the downloaded file and you’re done! Well Done!


Download here


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