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Minecraft Bedrock Zoo [Creation] Map

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What are special about this Bedrock Zoo? It is located in 2 towns that include many mysterious things to discover. You have a chance to see the beauty of an Ocean Monument, mineshafts galore, Stronghold, 3 Nether Fortresses, a coral reef, a Woodland Mansion, and the End Portal.

Founded by: SpunkieMunkie

Key Features

Each structure has a Bedrock Zoo Nether Railway. Feel confident to discover it.

Kids will fall in love in enjoying Llama rides and a Petting Zoo.

There are many views that attract the players at first glance such as End Ship, a Desert Temple, Witch Hut, Woodland Mansion, a Phantom Maze, Nether Fortress, and Jungle Temple.

Visit the Food Court to choose your favorite food if you feel hungry.

Video Showcase

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How to Set Up Minecraft Bedrock Zoo [Creation] Map

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