Thursday, June 6, 2024

Mega Skyblock [Survival]

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Mega Skyblock is a little different from usual Skyblock survival challenges because it contains more than 41 different islands on a map instead of just one as always. Players are forced to explore all of the surrounding islands in search of items or other unexpected creatures. Each island will represent a biome or a dimension, and they will provide you with the different types of materials you may need to survive.

Creator: TGC and Better United
Social Media/Contact- YTTwitter

How to play?

In this maps for MCPE skyblock, players start on a Skyblock island. Here only contains some of the most basic resources that you will need to survive.

Open the chest to find some items. Use them sparingly because there is no way to recover any items if you accidentally lose or damage them. With over 41 different islands in the vicinity, you’ll find plenty of the various resources needed for your life.


Start your journey now. There are many booty, creatures, and surprises waiting for you ahead. What are you waiting for?


There is always a story. Always the question. Which event? Why you’re here? Are the questions really? Yes, it’s time to start your story—the Player.

Next Update Preview!

YouTube video

Terms of Use

Do not post this article as well as our products on any other websites/sources. You can create YouTube / Twitch videos about the project but must have the appropriate credit. Do not use maps to build and request. If you find that you do not use these terms, it may result in some actions being taken.

Thank You (to the fans)

This project is over 2 years old now and honestly, it has been a journey. This will not be the This project is more than two years old, and to be honest, and it has been a long journey. This will not be the last update, yes, we will do more with this map! The most important thing I’ve learned in two years is never afraid to commit to your wishes. I am very happy to have a fan base. Thank you all! From Better United and me, You have made our dream more. We will be back with more updates soon.



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