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MedievalWays Hunger Games [PvP]

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MedievalWays comes with a hunger games arena place in a medieval-themed environment suitable for anywhere between two to eight players. It is a rather modest arena, but the fantastic advantage with this is that there’ll be plenty of fighting and the rounds are somewhat shorter. It’s a fairly simple Minecraft PE hunger games map download but still pretty fun to play!

Creator: TeamBOB123

How to play?

Gather everybody in the lobby before dropping down to the actual arena. Stand on a chiselled stone brick each. Make a countdown from 10 then conduct toward the middle and fall to the arena.

The first purpose is to come to find some items in the chests. These chests are located around the arena. You have got to be fast to get there ahead of your competitors.

This hunger games map is quite small, which means you don’t have a lot of places to hide, and there’ll probably be plenty of battling after it begins.

The player alive is the winner. Just remember that just one winner is permitted so if you opt to team up with someone just remember that among you might need to die in the end!


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Don’t throw ender pearls outside the arena

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