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Luxurious Modern Mansion V5(Creation)

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The most luxurious Modern Mansion with many of expensive equipment you’ll want to have is here. This Mansion map for Minecraft PE will bring you a lot of fun, excitement and you will not want to miss.

Created by: PocketKent


It is a combination of modern and classic design that is suitable for everyone!

THE GARDEN (from v1)

There is a beautiful garden located at the back of the mansion you can easily see. You will not have to worry about mobs or intruders because there are walls made of magma, panes, and posts around.


Easily accessible Studio, with a unique design similar to the mansion, and below that is a water tunnel or tube available for emergencies, such as mob raids!

Extended seawalls, a better studio, overhauled interior and the broadcasting tower has been added also for the past few months!

There will be more multiple releases of beta versions to come that will end two weeks later, as the stable and fixed release will be crafted!

Support & Feedback

If you have a little cents or just if you really really love so the content, you can do either:

  • Make a review of the Luxurious Modern Mansion on YouTube and support the free community! Just be natural and provide genuine MCPEBOX links for everyone. Best reviews get featured on the mansion’s upcoming revision!
  • Or if you have that very little cent on your pocket, you can give it through: That little cent is very helpful and is not mandatory!


The day has come! It’s time for the official v5 update!

No more betas now, everything looks good and doing well!

  • Introducing MansionAI, smarter home through contextual infos and actions around and makes more redstone features usable. Found on your kitchen, park area, outdoor pool and the outdoor kitchen!
  • Consistent, modern hybrid design that you may never seen before! Detail on every single space!
  • Added outdoor pool and high class rooftop flooring with pool.

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