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Luxurious Mansion with Stereo

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This map contains a large mansion. Inside the villa include stereo, four swimming pools, individual prison, dual training system and underground cellar. It is designed for multiplayer games and also for multiplayer survival because of its features. Read the top 5 mansion maps for Minecraft PE.

This house uses a security system that will prevent anyone but you from opening the door.

2 Outdoor pool, a hidden pool and a tank inside the tunnel, where you can change the parameters of the house The sound system is hidden under the backyard pool to make loud and clear sounds with bass-rich to party with friends.

In addition, the backyard has a personal chef, a wheat farm and McDonald’s. The prison allows you to imprison players who have bad behaviours or hackers that you do not want to participate in your game or you want to disturb, among other things included in the guide.

Note: To enter the bunker you have to be tagged as owner and walk arround the campfire lake


This house is not going to be updated anymore since I’m working in another project and have school and I don’t have time to keep uploading content for this house. I will release a new house very soon.

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