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Lava Jumps | Parkour Map

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Children, and people that used to be children… Have you ever done something like pretending spots on the ground are the only place you can make contact with because you will die if you set foot on elsewhere? If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you are a normal human being with acceptable level of imagination. And while you can pretend that in Minecraft Pocket Edition, pretending is just not as fun when you are a big boy, or a big girl. So here I have a map for you so you don’t have to pretend to die anymore, and instead become the Human Torch but less alive. Here is Lava Jumps.

All credit goes to Dplo_Gaming, Gamingmcpe, ProMinerBuildz

So Lava Jumps is a Minecraft Pocket Edition parkour maps download in which you have to do a certain combination of running and jumping, obviously not both at once. Furthermore, the map is not just about jumping your way through pools of Lava that randomly have fire-proof rocks floating on the surface, there are also dropper levels that drop you into a tunnel. In this bit you have to navigate your fall to avoid the obstacles in your path and try to land wherever it is that will not cause your death. That could either be slime blocks, cobweb, or water.

lava jumps
lava jumps
lava jumps

The Parkour aspect of the map on its own is not difficult comparing to other hardcore Parkour Maps out there. The most difficult part of the map is probably the part where you fall down the dropper. You would probably die once or several times in this bit. That makes a perfect combination of fun enjoyment and challenging parkour of multiple aspects. It is a reasonable Parkour Map for most Minecraft Pocket Edition players.

Rules of Lava Jumps

  • Play on maximum difficulty.
  • Don’t break blocks. Ever.

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Download Lava Jumps



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