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Ice Hockey Minigame V2

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This mini game maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition was constructed over the course of a period of 2 months, and the final result is a completely operational (and for the most part automatic) Ice Hockey minigame. To make some of these things possible an addon is included which adds a puck, hockey sticks, decorations and so forth. The V2 upgrade was created in accordance with the IIHF World Cup 2019. It is a very well made minigame that is best played with buddies. If you prefer hockey or sports generally, then give it a go!

Creator: Nogard (TwitterYouTubeFacebook)

Introduction about Ice Hockey Minigame V2

Ice Skating Minigame V2 Update was made based on IIHF World Cup 2019. I had been working on the upgrade for more than a month. Stadium obtained roof, and it had been nearly completely redesigned. Together with Karlos Games CZ, we created new completely automatic in map scoreboard program. We also have reworked a system which returns puck back into the middle of the stadium. Now it’s produced by using control cubes. There’s not any requirement for minecart and rails.

I’ve also redone the Ice Hockey Addon based on Minecraft Addons standards. Today every single mob, that was added is a new entity. I needed to redesign behaviours for this. I’ve done new better-looking version for the puck. Hitbox has been fixed. For the greater layout of this map, I have created trophies (diamond, gold, silver, bronze). There’s still ice hockey sticks, food, jerseys etc. in the very first edition. The whole addon has been translated to each of Minecraft supported languages (29 langs). And that I was fixing some tiny mistakes created in V1 such as painting kz.png.

Trailer Ice Hockey Minigame V2

YouTube video

Licence terms

All rights reserved. By downloading the Minecraft Minigame, you agree with these conditions. No component of the work may be duplicated or transmitted without the author’s permission. An individual with consent has to discuss the addon just with official download credits and links to the writer. Timely supply of the addon in programs, sites and YouTube movies and making cash from Nogard’s possession is going to be penalized by law. For different methods of editing and sharing the source code, then you have to get in touch with the writer.



Twitter: @Nogard_YT


You have to own Minecraft Bedrock 1.12. (Recommended

In the BETA version of MC 1.12 the addon is not automatically part of the map, so you will have to switch the resource pack and the behavior pack on.

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