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FortressVille – Mansions, Fortress, Bunkers, and More! (V5)

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FortressVille is an amazing, creative built world. There are many things in this mansion maps for Minecraft PE including a obsidian fortress, a Norwegian village, a ravine bunker, an oasis, and even a Pandora-like jungle from Avatar. Download and explore FortressVille today!

Version 1:

Version 2 Update:

Version 3 Update:

Version 4 Update:


Changelog: v1.0.4

  • Added a cool Viking ship to the front because… why not?
  • Also added a jungle in the back with floating islands modeled after Pandora from Avatar
  • Built a cool, 4 house suburban neighborhood.
  • Made a gigantic acacia treehouse
  • Built a house ENTIRELY out of saplings
  • Made a giant, medieval style wall surrounding all of it.


Only works for 1.12.1 and above!!!!

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