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Every Sound In MCPE [Redstone]

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This map has Every Sound in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. (More than 500 different sounds) If you are a map creator, this will be very useful for finding the right sound for your project.

This MCPE redstone map download contains all the different sounds in the original version of the game without any external resource packs. Just press a button on the command block to make a sound. Hover over the command blocks to get detailed information about each sound. It is useful for map makers who want to add sound to their maps.

Creator: krivas

How does it work?

As soon as you are spawned, you will see countless blocks of commands near you. On each block, there is a button when you press the button that will emit a sound.

Watch the video below to see how it work.



  • Added over 200 new sounds. (Before: 283. Now: 503.)
  • You can now use a fishing rod to stop the sounds playing.
  • You now just hover over the command blocks to read info instead of reading signs.
  • Audio now plays from the player, not the commandblock.
  • Many minor improvements:
    • E.g. better info wall, walk path, white text on signs, and more!

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Download here


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