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Classic Hunger Games [PvP]

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Classic Hunger Games is a small survival games map is a suitable map when playing from 2 to 8 players. The Hunger Games is a very popular minigame for Minecraft, and especially multiplayer servers, where players must compete with each other in PvP survival environments.

The objective is the last survivor. To win, you must fight other players, collect resources and survive.

Creator: GoldenEnergy

How to play?

In this hunger games Minecraft PE, before starting the game, players will be able to choose a kit for themselves. This is done by pressing one of the mobs in the set selection area. There are three different kits and each has its own specialty.

As soon as you’ve selected a kit you’ll spawn at the arena. The game requires 2 – 8 players in order to start.

The ultimate goal is to survive and be the last person standing. Gather items from the chests and use them to survive.

  • Render distance: 10 or more!
  • Once a match has started don’t let any new players join the world, or else it will crash the player counter system!
  • Before the game starts, don’t jump off the pedestals!

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