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BEMZ | Survival Games

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Survival Games is a game type built on the core characteristics of Minecraft, surviving. Twenty-four tributes are spawned with nothing on the map, with one goal: to be the last alive. You must use your skills to find food and weapons crates to assist you in performing the task. You can also form a team with other players, or kill anything that stands in your way. The last one to survive will be the winner. More survival maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition here.

About this BEMZ survival games map

Players are rounded up into a spawn point and is given a certain amount of time to find and Players will be spawned at a spawn point and have a set amount of time to find and craft items for self-defense. The killed players will be kicked out of the game, and the remaining players will continue to fight to find the last man standing.

What makes this map interesting?

BEMZ has spent a lot of time thinking and creating ways to make the game more complete and interesting. One of those ways is to make things completely random. All things born in the game like Crates, the storms, player’s spawn points are completely random.

Using the power of the Addons and resource pack, I was able to replicate the server-like gameplay while keeping the download size for the resource pack very small.

The game runs the optimization test when you start the game to give you the best experience for your device! That means little or no lag!



  • BEMZ – Map Maker and Programmer
  • FunTimes – Overseer of Map Testing
  • LueckeFelix – Builder
  • Scorchy91 – Builder
  • Kellbier – Builder
  • RRMonty – Builder
  • DJPaulii – Builder
  • Carp_13 – Builder
  • Assikur – Builder



  • Corrected my spelling on post
  • Added sounds that play fully in game
  • Added info about Sg tournament

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