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20 Ways to Die | Modded Puzzle Map for

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Do you want die? Well, normally, you would say no because then you would not be alive, and you need to be alive to play Minecraft Pocket Edition. But in Minecraft, though, dying is not as threatening as in real life, because you usually respawn in some form in all video games. That being said, dying in Minecraft is still irritating. So someone should make dying in Minecraft PE a bit more interesting. So here are 20 Ways to Die.

All credit goes to TheOnlyBrobin

20 ways to die

I bet when you play Minecraft, you do not really keep track of how you die. Many of you have probably experience all these 20 Ways To Die at some point of your Minecraft gaming experience. But it would still be intriguing to figure out ways to die.

20 ways to die

This is a puzzle map which is made of 20 levels. In each level, you have to figure out a way to die with what you are given. Yes, you level up by dying. In each level, you will be placed in a room. In each room, there will be a set of items and blocks that you can use in some certain ways to kill yourself. There are even redstone systems for you to figure out how they work. Because this is a puzzle map, sometimes, it might get too difficult at some points. Therefore, every level has a hint button to help you die. But by all means, you should not reach out to that button, and try your best to die on your own. And no, you can’t starve to death.

Rules of 20 Ways To Die

  • Do not use text commands
  • Do not break any blocks accept for the ones that you have placed
  • Play on survival mod
  • Install these mods first: Single Player Commands, Command Blocks



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