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Minecraft is Coming to VR!

Here comes Minecraft Gear VR Edition! You can now play minecraft on your mobile device, but in a totally new way! If you already have the Gear VR, get ready for some next generation gaming because Minecraft is Coming to VR!
minecraft is coming to vr

What is Minecraft Gear VR Edition?

It is still the same Minecraft Pocket Edition that you all play everyday, but you now get to play it from a whole different perspective. You are free to go around, fight monsters, destroy blocks just like you always do, yet there is a new method to control your actions.  You need a Samsung phone that is compatible with the Gear VR, such as the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 edge, S7 or S7 edge, slide one of those phones into your Gear VR Headset and you’re done! The Galaxy S6 and S7 work the best with Gear VR.

How does it work?

Minecraft Gear VR Edition is made so you can put less or more effort into playing the game at your beckon call, so you can still play while taking breaks, or get some action while playing to game to add that realism touch. Steer your head to control your character’s movements. Turn your body to spin around. The cursor will also stick to the blocks you are mining, so relax as you enjoy the game. The reason for why you are able to do this is because of the 0.14.2 update. Yes. With the 0.14.2 Update, Gear VR feature has been added to Minecraft Pocket Edition. So if you so desire, it is time to go into Virtual Reality Mode. Be sure to take breaks after a while as Virtual Reality gaming has been told to leave side effects for newcomers.
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