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Minecraft Castle Seed Pe

EPIC Castle World Minecraft Pocket Edition Minecraft Pocket






  1. what’s the seed name?

  2. bridgett van t end

    what’s the seed name?

  3. The link doesn’t work on safari so….

  4. I wanna say a bad word because it dos’nt tell you the freaking seed name.

  5. Mine won’t work the seed name 1114542065 won’t work

  6. Castle doesn’t show up seed :??

  7. I got the seed name but can’t find the castle

  8. It won’t let me download the seed

  9. Is it like a app? Or does it just activate in mincraft cause my mom gets email when I get app so I get in trouble and I want it to not be app

  10. Is it app cause my mom get email if I download app so does it just activate in mincraft or is it app

  11. this does not work

  12. where to go?

  13. How do u…

  14. How do u find the castle

  15. what the hell where is the castle???????????????