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Mine-Wagon Add-on for Minecraft PE

Are you on an adventure but wanting an extra storage container? You can meet your requirements at Mine-Wagon Add-on Mods for Minecraft PE. This addon looks similarly like a backpack. However, you will need a leash to pull the chest on a wagon. A small minus of the addon is it may replace the creeper.

Found by: MicoLets

How does Mine-Wagon Add-on work?

Because this addon replaces the creeper, you can easily find it everywhere in the Overworld. It appears with the symbol of a chest on top of a red wagon. There is no difficulty in pulling the wagon, just needing a leash.

  • Windows 10: You need to right-click on a wagon. Then, use a necessary item to pull the wagon.
  • iOS / Android: Once you have a supportive item, long press it on the interface. Pull the wagon by pressing leash.

When pulling the cart, you could do other activities like riding a mount or walking.

Next, enter the chest of the wagon. It allows you to store your important items in 27 available slots. This is the great thing for your future adventures.

  • Windows 10: It is advisable for you to right-click on the wagon. It allows you to enter the inventory without any difficulty.
  • iOS / Android: After Long pressing on the wagon, you need pressing Open to enter the chest.

How to Set Up Mine-Wagon Add-on for Minecraft PE

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